Those right-wing Nazis are desecrating the Holocaust


Gali Bat Horin | Translation: Vlad Saar

Two left-wing arguments are heard over and over again: “The Right shows signs of Nazism” “The Right is acting out of irrational fears from strangers, out of the trauma of the Holocaust”. This trauma, which is somehow thrown at the right's door, despite its image as composed of Sephardic Jews, is heard regularly in intellectual circles.

And many books were written about the contempt of the Holocaust of the Zionists. “Holocaust in the Sealed Room” by Prof. Moshe Zuckerman, for example, “Do not Touch Me in the Holocaust” by Prof. Moshe Zimmerman. Both claim that Israelis and their leaders desecrate the holiness of the Holocaust, exploit it, and turn it into a pawn to dig for narrow governmental goals, and especially, through the Fascists way, to frighten the people to maintain their rule.

And I, who do not perceive a brutal methodical genocide as something sacred, wonder whether these scholars do not project the image of their souls on the other. On the contrary, when someone publishes a book, which is entirely dedicated to accusing the other of dealing with the Holocaust, there is a suspicion that the writer is quite preoccupied with the subject himself. Not to say, earning a living from it.

Even so, it seems that the public that is influenced by their writings is creating a reality of “holocaust” everywhere, from the point of view of a believing person who has become the guru of the left because of the phrase he invented, which connects Jews and their descendants. Through a deputy chief of staff who saw fit to “identify processes” at a Holocaust Day ceremony in front of the entire world. Through Ha'aretz, whose publisher devotes the bulk of the English edition to the world to compare IDF soldiers to the SS and Gestapo. (Though he couldn’t find a link between his partner, the publisher, a son of the real Nazi family, and the Nazis).

Above all this, we have Aharon Barak, а founding father of the High Court of Justice in its current format, whose (too) many  writings indicate that his excessive motivation to educate people stems from the fear that Israel will become a Third Reich state (which seems to him a reasonable possibility) and who had brought up a generation of judges that believe in all truth and innocence, that this has already happened.

The result of the Holocaust discourse in the leftist camp has led to stupidity, even more than other historical phenomena, because of the natural inclination of history to emerge as irony:

Here you get the 'Left' organizations that are funded by state sponsored foundations of Germany (to not much wonder), and Muslim countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia through the New Israel Foundation, founded by the Ford Foundation, whose Antisemitism earned him a medal from the Hitler-Goebbels propaganda minister (The same is true of the Domon Schauberg family, the publisher who is Amos Schocken's partner) – all of them operate here through Jewish Israelis – who believe in their malignant stupidity, that the main concern of the above funds is to help Israel become more democratic.

I feel that the term “useful idiots” is too weak to describe the failure. They may be likened to only organizations as “LGBT for the sake of Islam”, of “Mice for the benefit of cat”

The heavy funds that flow here on behalf of countries and organizations that 70 years ago voluntarily cooperated in the extermination of Jews and who had not yet accepted the idea that the work was incomplete, they fund the imbecilic narrative that since the Jews were refugees because of them, and they refused to accept any of them (Indeed, there was not a single country that agreed to admit escapees, not the USA, not Canada, Australia, the European Church even forbade them to be converted, and Britain increased the act of shutting down the possibility of escaping to Eretz Israel, where the Mufti had planned extermination camps for Jews on the Holy Land) These countries are marketing the narrative here, since they themselves persecuted Jews, destroyed Jews and did not open their door to Jews this is why the Jews must open their door to every refugee, and especially if he continues the path of the enemies of the Jews, and completely ignores the fact that once they leave their country – they are not Refugees in general.

These associations appeal in a most manipulative and brazen way to the Holocaust trauma of Jews in Israel, who are guilty of persecuting Jews. They are the ones who explain to the victims of guilt and at the same time offer them to see themselves as heroes – so lacking in the time they were needed. (Or perhaps a German in a crowd who did not salute (although perhaps forgetting that a necessary condition for being a hero is the personal price that the hero pays, does not receive reparations from Germany, but rather endangers his life, in a country and a regime like this, in which he is indeed needed). And all this by means of sickening slogans that combine kitsch, death manipulations, and reflect on real traumas from the Holocaust, as well as a Jewish tendency to guilt feelings:

“Do not send them to their deaths”, reads one banner against the expulsion of illegal infiltrators to Rwanda, a country that the UN itself sends refugees to after it has determined that it is a safe country (Israel has increased its presence and opened an embassy there to worry about “refugees” at the expense of tax revenues, and at prices that exceed billions of shekels). Anyone who has a sensitive ear (and a brain that is washed) immediately hear the sentence “being led like lambs to the slaughter”. This is an absolutely unavoidable connotation. Indeed, there is something to this claim: Africa is under the rules of Third World culture Is completely dangerous to a person, all of them have no human rights, and there are no Supreme Courts justices who will take care of the infiltrator in case he cannot “find hobbies, and meet a partner to tell the story of his life to… “

In Africa, the laws of the jungle still prevail, whether it is a violent Islam or a pagan Christianity – children are not safe in Africa, not even women, not even everyone who is weak. In certain places, there is also the possibility of being fallen a prey to a cannibal. As bands of bandits rule in ways like in ancient times, corrupt and violent regimes murder human beings, right and left, without Supreme Court and without B'Tselem. This is the culture.

The infiltrators escape to here, rightly so, because in Israel they are protected from all the evils of their backward culture. All this, if they had not brought her with them, here.

Because, what less reaches the news today, it is reports of the inconceivable magnitude of internal violence among the infiltrators. In concentrations of infiltrating populations every day and every hour, violence erupts, which ends frequently with “open” heads and often with death. This is because, in African culture, life is not holy. It is not the poverty that brings backwardness. But backwardness and barbarism lack the cultural component that enables the creation of abundance and therefore imposes poverty. So that it will not be useful if the person is removed from economic distress – as long as his cultural values create a barrier to the development of cooperation and the renunciation of the violence necessary for a life of the highest standard in the State of Israel.

All these living beauties are imposed by the non-profit organizations on the weaker residents of South Tel Aviv and the other weak neighborhoods in Israel. For them, an infiltrator from Africa is not a person carrying any culture in his possession, he has no desires and ambitions of his own (except to find hobbies, spouses and tell his own life story … because this is what Supreme Court judge  Uzi Fogelman determined for him with a dizzying colonialist arrogance) it has no internal, cultural content of its own, it is also ridiculous for them to attribute anti-Semitism to him, despite repeated calls from his young children “thank you Hitler who slaughtered you” (it also does not remind anything to whom everything reminds them of dark periods). No. An infiltrator, in their view, is a refugee. And that was the end of all his qualities. And a refugee is a refugee and a refugee. Therefore we all are commanded: “And you shall love the stranger, for you were strangers”.

It turns out, therefore, that we must love “stranger” for being a “stranger”. (It seems that the sin of the theologizing is not valid if it is uttered by those who have already proven beyond any doubt that they hate Judaism, so it is clearly only a manipulative turn towards the primitive religious right in his own language). So, strangers, we were, and therefore we must love every “stranger”. Let us remember that we were strangers in Egypt. And these immigrants were refugees in Egypt. And this is the only place where they were refugees. From there, they crossed all of Africa along the most dangerous route, because it was still Africa, and when they arrived here, they had already reached the level of illegal migrant workers.

And although I, as a Jew, am a compassionate daughter of compassionate, I am not prepared to be imbued with the collective compassion imposed by some Israel twisting NGOs.

I, as a direct product of the humane liberal culture, believe and espouse the idea that one does not end up merely as a “refugee” (and since no one is really like that, one certainly does not end up with one thing – that he is not), but I am obliged to see every person as free, as someone who has a full right to be the product of his culture, to find his hobbies his girlfriends and tell his own life story, all this – while being free to be absolutely responsible for his choices and actions.

Of course, I believe that being a stranger, a foreigner, or of a different skin color does not mean the whitening of his entire area of personal responsibility. A black African man is a person like any other person, bearing as any other person a personal responsibility for his actions. So that if the subject in question finds his hobbies in drinking, violence and terrorizing the elderly of Holocaust survivors (who are now mentioned in truly dark periods, when a thuggish mob threw them on threats of violence, anathema, and humiliation every day, not to mention rape and murder) ). In addition to being a refugee and a black man, he has a free choice to be a good and helpful person for society, to help the elderly to carry their grocery bags to their homes (without taking the opportunity to rob and rape them on the road)

I also believe that every person is entitled to choose a partner for himself, but I still think that even the black man should not take them by force because they too have the right to choose. Even the blacks have no right to murder their spouses if they think that they went to a bad culture even if in the culture from which they came, it was a mitzvah (check out how many African women were murdered in Israel, the organizations “for the sake of the woman” will not tell you that. “Male terrorism” is only if the man is Jewish, that is, responsible for his actions, as their perception is concerned). In contrast, if the individual chose violence and terrorism, he should be judged for this, even though he has a certain ethnic character and without being a citizen. Precisely because I believe in the ability of everyone to do the right thing, I think we should expect infiltrators to be able to choose good and not evil.

Socialists, if they want to argue that the circumstances are to blame, or that society is guilty of the actions of the individual, will openly admit that they have given up on the enlightened humanistic conception that the very idea is that a person is responsible for his choices and not just an automatic product of circumstances. A black man is a man in every respect, and he too is required to have children in accordance with his capabilities to sustain them, and not to place all the responsibility for raising them on the host country's tax money against her will, out of a the host country willingness to save his life as a persecuted person. Not to mention that since he comes from violent tribal conflict, there is no way of knowing what he himself has done to others, and why is he persecuted in his country, perhaps because of crimes he himself committed, which have turned others into miserable and destitute refugees?

In light of all this, I would like to propose a compromise that every liberal humanist must admit, that this compromise is reasonable and logical: All these barriers have been removed and the Supreme Court himself has approved the removal of the illegal infiltrators into a third country. And since all of them cannot be thrown out overnight, the removal shall begin immediately with everyone who has been involved in violence, crime, anyone who has been applauded by anti-Semitic and Nazi chants, anyone who terrorized, sexually harassed, anyone who deals with drug trafficking, or who roams the streets drunk or drugged, anyone who supports the enemies of Israel or adopts the Palestinian narrative that sees us as illegal occupiers of the state. Anyone who stands out of this rule, if such is found, I am willing to love him here as a stranger as if he had left Egypt with me.

For all types of the Holocaust, Jews were persecuted and turned into unwanted refugees, just because they were Jews without any regard for their personal qualities, their choices, their conduct, their contribution to society, culture and humanity. The demand to “love” someone only because he is stranger and black, without any distinction in the personal choices of the individual, his motivations, his contribution to violence, terrorism and crime – is the same racist folly, and the chilling irony that stems from the same motivation: to cause damage to Jews by ending their country as a Jewish state out of the anti-Semitic view that in light of two religions competing for the same land – the Jews should be denied their freedom.

Join today the demonstration of Sheffi Paz and her friends at Rothschild – against the anti-human racist associations, funded by Germany, Qatar, and the Ford Foundation. Against those, who shamelessly call Sheffi the derogatory names equaling her to a perpetrator of Holocaust, while acting on behalf of the same people, and the same ideology that from the very beginning was responsible for the national trauma that they are again nurturing here. Thus we will slowly restore sanity and reason to discourse. 'Incidentally, violence is expected from the activists of the associations. Take it into consideration, whether to avoid showing up or actually showing up and protecting Sheffi.


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